Japanese research team finds new target for refractory cancer treatment

According to Kyushu University's official website, the team of Professor Keiichi Nakayama of the School's Institute of Physical Defense Medicine found that the metabolic process of nitrogen derived from glutamine in malignant tumors is in an hyperactive (nitrogen transfer) state. The research team used the uniquely developed in vitro protein absolute quantitative mass spectrometry multiple reaction monitoring system iMPAQT to track the expression of metabolic enzymes during the deterioration of cancer cells. It was found that there is a strong expression of a metabolic enzyme called PPAT in malignant tumor cells. The role of PPAT is to transfer the nitrogen in glutamine to the DNA precursor.
On this basis, the research team conducted meta-analysis based on the information of 11,000 cancer patients in the public database and found that PPAT has the largest impact on increasing the risk of death of cancer patients among about 1200 human metabolic enzymes. Especially refractory cancers such as small cell lung cancer. This world-leading discovery has set a new target for the treatment of refractory cancer.
The above results show that for refractory cancers that are currently difficult to treat, such as small cell lung cancer, PPAT blockers (under development) may become a trump card.
The research results were published in the British scientific journal Nature Communications.

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