11-year development trend of mahogany furniture

For a long time, the mahogany mahogany has been liked by people because of its elegant shape and profound culture, but blind investment and hype have made many consumers daunted by mahogany furniture. In 2010, the mahogany furniture market encountered rumors of "price plunge" and cast a shadow of "white skin camouflage". In 2011, can it emerge from these bad situations and face the increasingly fierce competition in the furniture industry, traditional Where should the mahogany furniture go? According to the answers of professionals, the editor summarizes his views as follows.

Redwood furniture highlights design in style and focuses on craftsmanship

As traditional furniture, mahogany furniture is known for its history and culture. When consumers consume furniture, they also have more history and culture behind the consumer furniture, so antique has become the highlight of mahogany furniture. Antique is a good inheritance of traditional culture, but only limited to antique is very dangerous for mahogany furniture. With the rise of Western furniture design concepts in China, how to find breakthroughs in the design of traditional furniture has become an urgent issue.

Due to the scarcity of raw materials and the rise of investment hype, Honggong Furniture has caused many manufacturers to enter the production misunderstanding, that is, the more precious the wood, the better the furniture. For example, red sandalwood is very rare. Some manufacturers will choose collage. Because the materials are precious enough, many manufacturers only work on preparing raw materials, but they are rough in design. "Three-point timber seven-point craft", mahogany is certainly valuable, but it is the production process that ultimately determines the value of Honggong furniture. At the same time, with the lack of some precious wood, now mahogany furniture pays more attention to integrity in the selection of materials. The complete wood has more room for design.

Three major development trends of the mahogany furniture industry in 2011

Mahogany furniture is not just home furnishing supplies, but more often has crafts and ornaments. Many people will pay attention to the elaborate painters and exquisite carvings. Artistry and design have become the inevitable requirements and trends of mahogany furniture production.

Redwood furniture prices return to a rational and steady rise

In October 2010, the "Economic Information Daily" a "new mahogany furniture plunge" new news set off an uproar in the industry, once up to 80 million yuan price of a set of mahogany furniture fell directly below 600,000 yuan, the value has shrunk by more than 100 times, let Few collectors and investors were dumbfounded. Dai Guo said that the mahogany furniture's ups and downs are related to consumers' perceptions. Many people are misled and make blind investments because of insufficient knowledge of mahogany furniture.

The price of mahogany furniture is most easily affected by the materials and craftsmanship. The fall in the US dollar and the rise in oil prices are all the reasons for the rise in the prices of raw materials for mahogany furniture. With the scarcity of many precious woods, many countries have stricter wood management, which has further triggered the shortage of supply and demand in mahogany furniture materials and pushed their prices up. It is expected that the prices of rosewood and rosewood will rise by 10% -15% next year.

In addition to the shortage of resources, the rise in labor costs is also an important factor driving the price of rosewood furniture. From 2007 to 2010, labor wages doubled, but despite this, mahogany furniture production workers are still in a state of tension. There are more bosses than workers who make furniture. Opening a factory is a matter of capital, and you can open it if you have money, but furniture craftsmanship is a technical issue, and it is not done overnight. From polishing and planing to painter and carving, every step is a double consideration of technology and art.

However, compared with the ups and downs of mahogany furniture prices in previous years, it is expected that the prices of mahogany furniture will return to stability in 2011, the hype will be reduced, and consumer prices will become more rational.

Mahogany furniture consumer utility is the king's focus on product brands

Just as there are misunderstandings in the use of materials by manufacturers, consumers also have many misunderstandings about mahogany furniture, that is, the wood itself is consumed instead of furniture supplies, which is particularly obvious to investors. According to reports, the purchase of mahogany furniture for investment currently accounts for about 20% of total consumption, many of which are blind investments. A few people buy mahogany furniture for collection, but because the collection requires high professional knowledge, there are not many real experts.

In recent years, the consumption of mahogany furniture has turned to rationalization. In addition to materials, more people have begun to pay attention to the practicality and craftsmanship of mahogany furniture. The mahogany furniture with exquisite structure and fine workmanship is the most popular. In addition, many young people have begun to join the ranks of mahogany furniture consumption.

With the enhancement of Chinese consumers' brand awareness, the reputation of the mahogany furniture brand has also become an important reference for many consumers when choosing products. In such a large environment, on the one hand, mahogany furniture companies have to commit to providing consumers with better quality and more artistic mahogany furniture supplies, on the other hand, they must constantly innovate in management to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition Only in this way can we adapt to the macro trends of the market and benefit the invincible.
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