Car anti-theft ten tricks to ensure safe driving

The so-called "one-foot high, one-foot high", although there are more and more tricks to steal a car, but if the method is proper, it can also prevent accidents. Therefore, this article discusses the "Top Ten Tricks" from experts for the reference of car owners and friends.

The first move-lock

Locking a car seems bland, but in fact many cars are missing due to the owner's "carelessness". Experts said that the owner must develop the habit of pressing the door lock after getting in the car, in case someone suddenly pulls in the door and breaks in. After the car stops, check that all doors and windows are locked before leaving.

Some owners often do not lock the doors and trunk after getting off the car. It is a big deal to know that the direct cost of not locking the doors is the loss of the car. And if the car's fuel tank cap is stolen, it must be repaired immediately, and the car lock must be replaced immediately, because there are many models of fuel tank cap and car lock is a key.

2nd trick-selection

When buying a car, anti-violence lock design should be considered as an important factor for car consideration, and the necessary anti-theft lock or electronic alarm should be installed in time. You can consult the experienced people around you to choose the most suitable anti-theft device, and remember to turn it on.

In addition, the car is bought, don't save money on the anti-theft device, so as not to pick up the sesame seeds and lose the watermelon. Therefore, when choosing to install a motor vehicle anti-theft device, do not be greedy for cheap. It is best to buy products with brands, from regular manufacturers and with high technological content. service. It is worth noting that do n’t think that installing an anti-theft device to your car will be once and for all. For the anti-theft device that has been installed, you should regularly check whether it is malfunctioning or aging.

3rd trick-control

This trick is for you to manage the keys. When you are not in the car, do not leave the key on the igniter even for tens of seconds. Be sure to turn off the lock and take off the car key. After getting on the car, close the window tightly, do not leave the spare key in the car, in case the thief finds the back hall and the emperor drives the car away.

Do n’t let the car start when you ’re not in the car. Make sure that the car ’s luggage compartment, doors, and ignition are all locked differently. This way, a thief needs three keys to steal your car. When you drive to a public place, do not leave the car for someone else to park, otherwise it is easy for the thieves to take advantage of the key. The remote control of the anti-theft device and the car key should be separated and never put together.

4th move-stop

Stopping is important to the location. When parking, park your car as far as possible on a site with open terrain, a single route, and many pedestrians. When someone talks to you by filming the door of the car, be careful that he has an associate who steals from your unlocked doors and windows. At night, you should park your car in a brightly lit place, and if possible, park it in a closed community garage and a place where it is supervised. Never consider dark stairs or street corners to avoid thieves waiting for the opportunity to start, and it is easier to quickly escape the scene after the car is stolen. If the car must be parked outside for a longer period of time, it is best to remove the fire head inside the distributor or remove an ignition wire.

5th trick-take

Many car owners regard the car as a "safe" and lock valuables such as laptop computers in the car, which is actually very dangerous. Experts remind car owners that no matter whether they are parked temporarily or parked for a long time, the objects in the car should not be placed on the front windshield or on the side seats.

Sixth trick-resistance

You can set up one or two small faults or agencies that are difficult for outsiders to remove according to the situation of the vehicle, such as adding an agency to the engine start line, car door lock, oil road, etc. In this way, if the car thief solves the first anti-theft lock in 2 to 3 minutes, and the low-voltage line is unavailable or other measures will work, the thief will have no time to study again, so he has to stop. You can also put warning signs on the body, such as "the car is equipped with anti-theft alarm", "do not do it", etc., to scare away thieves by way of warning. Anti-theft measures are always better than none.

7th move-repair

For repair and maintenance, choose a regular repair shop to prevent them from stealing the vehicle with their keys. It is best not to leave when you go to the car wash to wash the car. If you leave, you must take the keys to prevent being copied.

At the same time, don't easily lend the car to others to use, because it is very easy to cast a shadow for the car stolen. It may be that the borrower will have a ghost tire and steal the car key. Within a few days, your car will be missing.

No. 8-Insurance

Owners can more freely determine the type of insurance they choose according to their own circumstances. Except for the basic third-party liability insurance that is mandatory for the state, other options can be independently chosen, which can effectively reduce insurance costs. expenditure. It is recommended to add a "theft insurance" to the insurance policy. In the long run, this will save you time and money and save you a lot of trouble.

9th trick-save

In order to prevent the theft of the car, the owner should pay attention to save the manufacturer and model of the car; the number, color, and model of the car license plate; the size and type of the engine, including various changes; the number of all car keys; the car license and registration number; And the name of the insurance agent; the date and location of the car purchase; the special logo of the car. In this way, once the vehicle is recovered by the police, you can quickly identify it, and it is more convenient to claim from the insurance company.

10th trick-look

Note that checking your car is also a daily homework. In rainy or noisy environment, pay more attention to the short sound of the anti-theft device. Police interrogation found that one of the tactics commonly used by thieves is to deliberately touch the target body before the theft, or even kick a foot and hear the sound of an anti-theft device such as an alarm and quickly bypass it. At this time, the owner must get up and check, otherwise the car thief finds that the owner does not pay attention and will quickly cut off the line of the alarm and drive the car away.

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