Custom furniture "big face", the store played "drop package"

I saw a set of furniture in the store, but after buying it, I found that both quality and style are very different from the samples. A few days ago, Ms. Liu of Yangxin County encountered such an upset.
On the morning of September 1, Ms. Liu and her husband from Yangxin County saw a set of double bed and hanging closet for sale at 4288 yuan in a furniture store in Yangxin County. In the process of shopping, the furniture store salesperson recommended a bed and wardrobe of Zhejiang with a color and style similar to Ms. Liu, priced at 3,688 yuan. After comparing the furniture of two different producing areas, Ms. Liu believes that the furniture produced in Guangdong is particularly delicate in terms of structural pattern, design, color, especially computer embroidered parts. Therefore, Ms. Liu booked a Guangdong bed and wardrobe with a price of 4,288 yuan, and prepaid a deposit of 1,000 yuan. After the arrival on September 3, the furniture store delivered to the door and installed, Ms. Liu also delivered the balance.
After more than 10 days of use, Ms. Liu found that the newly bought double bed paint was particularly strong, and the computer version of the embroidery that the store called was gently scraped with fingers, and the pattern fell off. After careful observation, Ms. Liu thought that except for the trademark sign of the bed, it was almost the same as the 3688 yuan furniture made in Zhejiang. Therefore, she suspected that the furniture store sold it to herself. On the morning of September 17, Ms. Liu went to the store to discuss the case, but the owner denied it. In desperation, Ms. Liu went to the Yangxin County Consumers Association to complain.
After investigation, the staff of the Consumer Association found that Ms. Liu reflected the facts. Through mediation, the furniture store finally agreed to Ms. Liu's request to change back to the sample bed in the store, and returned 188 yuan to Ms. Liu according to the sample price, and promised to ensure that similar incidents no longer occur.

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