Eleven furniture big release "price" national hot furniture promotion information

The eleventh this year is a bit special. The Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day are connected by two statutory holidays. The 8-day holiday is the longest in history. At the same time, with the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the National Day, many brand furniture companies have also started the promotion war. Various merchants have launched large-scale Thanksgiving feedback activities, and ultra-low discount promotions to attract consumers.
In order to better help the majority of focus users to grasp the national furniture brand promotion discounts and market activity information during the 11th period, the furniture channel collects information in advance, and comprehensively interprets the promotion of furniture brands across the country this year.
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Sectional Door Accessories: motor 220V-380V, control box, spring break device, cable break device , aluminum alloy rope pulley, enhanced shaft bracket, air bag system, duplex enhanced guide wheel bracket.

Detail introduction for above main accessories

1.Motor and controller:

The garage door operator is designed for residential overhead sectional and tilt doors.

The operator memorizes the limit positions and unique braking system that slows the unit down at the end of its travel.

Rolling code remote control with max. 20 pcs hand transmitters.

The operator is equipped with a manual release lever which allows manual operation of the door in case of power failure.

The controller has a security LOCK function which prevents operation of the door from transmitter.

2.spring break device:

Sectional doors are hinged and they bend in the tracks as the door opens and closes. Many of these doors are counterbalanced with extension springs, also designated "stretch springs," and they have seven characteristics. The length is the measurement of all the coils pressed together. This, along with the inside diameter of the coils and wire size - the thickness of the wire from which the springs are made - determine the stretch, the distance the spring is extended - normally half the door height, and pull, the force the spring pulls when stretched its normal length. The type of ends determine how the ends of the spring are mounted. The initial tension is the percentage of pull needed to separate the coils. This is determined by the pitch with which the springs are wound. On sectional garage door springs this is normally 15 percent. For example a 100 pound pull spring requires 15 pounds of weight to separate the coils; when a door is open the two springs will support 15 pounds of door weight without any stretch.

Most extension springs are made of oil tempered wire. These are normally coated or painted. Some springs are made of galvanized wire.

3.able break device:

cable break device ,door hardware

adjustable bottom bracket .

the raw material hot plate

zinc plated

safety device

adjustable bottom bracket

the raw material hot plate

zinc plating

spring safety device ,2" and 3" safety device

once the cable is broken ,this devoice can keep the hurt away from the door falling

4.aluminum alloy rope pulley

Equipment: CNC stamping/punching machine, CNC bending machine, CNC cutting

machine, 5~250 tons punching machines, welding machine, polish machines...

Processed material: stainless steel: copper, carbon steel

Surface treatment: Hot galvanized, polishing

Making process:Stamping, deep drawing,bending, punching, laser cutting,threading,

welding, tapping, riveting, grinding

5.air bag system

It is a safety device. When the door is down to hit something, it will up automatically.

Operation pressure:<3mbar


Battery lifetime>1 year

Emission frequency: 315MHZ

Emission power:<10mW

Receiver power source:12V

6.duplex enhanced guide wheel bracket

Determining the right type of sectional door roller for your garage door tracks can be a little confusing, especially when you do not know what you need to look for in a garage door roller. To simplify things, there are two primary things you need to be aware of. First are the actual dimensions of the roller, and second is purpose that you will be using the door for. You can read below about measuring your roller and choosing the right quality of material for your door.

Other Door Accessories

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