Polishing operation safety precautions


1, work wear glasses polishing operation, masks.

2, grip the workpiece. Wear gloves to protect your hands from injury and keep them clean.

3, as far as possible soft reduction wheel surface and prevents excessive compression.

4, remains below the workpiece in the center of the wheel.

5 , do not wait and see when you work, absent-minded.

6, grinding sharp workpiece, when the fragile workpieces such as jewelry, be careful not to allow the wheels to be thrown sell.

7, if the wheel speed is significantly slower, prove excessive force or motor power too small.

8, regular checks of the coating, because the coating can easily be worn through.

9, pay attention to prevent overheating when grinding plastic, be careful.

10 , wear tights, do not wear loose clothing. In order to avoid the risk of the clothes being caught in the polishing wheel.

11, long hair rolled up, to prevent the involvement of internal parts.

12 , the outer edge of the polishing machine should have a protective cover to prevent particles from the polishing wheel hit the face.

13, do not let any part of the body and clothing polishing wheel.

14, well-ventilated environment to avoid dust accumulation.

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'Polishing operation safety precautions

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