Formaldehyde is more than 6 times and mosquitoes are smoked.

With the acceleration of urbanization construction and the improvement of residents' living standards, the indoor living environment has been greatly improved. However, the decoration is too complicated and the indoor air pollution is aggravated. Indoor air pollution is still one of the main killers of human health, and it is imperative to strengthen governance.

  Formaldehyde is more than 6 times and mosquitoes are smoked.

  Mr. Zhang bought a duplex large room in a high-end residential area in Longcheng. Just moved into the renovated house a few days ago, but found that the flies and mosquitoes that flew into the room were smoked and the babysitter was scared away. After testing by Qingxiu District Quality Supervision Station, the formaldehyde in indoor air exceeded the national standard by 6 times.

  Ms. Zeng’s family suffered from physical discomfort, dizziness, memory loss, irritability, and pharyngeal discomfort after moving to a newly renovated home. When the hospital diagnoses the child's condition, it is required to issue a report on the indoor pollution of the house. The results of the monitoring of the Qingxiu District Quality Supervision Station made them stunned: At that time, a total of 4 items of formaldehyde, benzene, radioactivity and TVOC were monitored , among which indoor formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC were seriously exceeded. Ms. Zeng wakes up like a dream.

  The data show that decoration pollution is easy to cause human injury, and radiation and benzene, formaldehyde, etc. may induce leukemia.

  Inferior building materials are the culprit

  The staff of Qingxiu District Quality Supervision Station sampled and analyzed the indoor air of more than 330 new houses and concluded that the main sources of pollution in the indoor environment are formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and radioactive materials. The main reason for the high indoor air quality pollution rate is the pollution of decoration and decorative materials, such as the release of formaldehyde and “ triphenyl ” substances such as various wood-based panels, furniture, interior wall paints, adhesives, wallpapers and carpets .

  According to reports, environmental pollution is likely to cause hypoxia in the brain, damage to nerve cells, mild dizziness, nausea, weakness of the limbs, sore throat, skin allergies, and severe cases can lead to death. In particular, carcinogens such as formaldehyde and benzene are invisible " killers " in indoor air. Lighter causes chronic poisoning. In severe cases, it may affect the body's hematopoietic function, respiratory system, nervous system, immune system, etc. Mutations and fetal malformations.

  Cut off the decoration pollution black hand

  A large number of unqualified decoration materials flooding the market is the most fundamental reason why decoration pollution cannot be effectively controlled. The relevant departments suggested that the source of good building materials should be closed, the decoration market should be regulated, the indoor environmental monitoring should be strictly carried out, the biological pollution control method should be studied as soon as possible, and the hand of decoration pollution should be cut off.
  With the arrival of the peak of winter decoration, experts reminded the general public that the source of indoor pollution sources is more complicated, and ordinary consumers should adopt comprehensive measures such as photocatalyst to improve indoor air quality. When signing a home improvement contract, it is best to add the air quality clause of the living room to facilitate the residents to protect their legitimate rights and interests when indoor air pollution problems occur after the renovation of the house. Before you check in, it is best to ask the indoor environmental testing unit to test the indoor environment. Only when the test result is lower than the national indoor environmental standard can you feel at ease. 'Formaldehyde is more than 6 times and mosquitoes are smoked.

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