The difference between wallpaper paint latex paint

These are two completely different types of products:

Paints, latex paints are chemical products, and wallpapers are crafts. Therefore, the use of paint, latex paint itself does not involve aesthetics, does not require your aesthetics, and saves trouble; and the use of wallpaper not only requires aesthetics, but also requires the ability to stand out and make the overall harmony. The decoration designer who dares to suggest that you use the wallpaper is really attentive and not afraid of trouble!

Paints and latex paints can be used when they are bought. They don't have symbolic information and don't touch your emotional nerves. The layers of information conveyed by the pattern, color and crafts of the wallpaper will make you irresistibly communicate and prompt you to find Works that resonate with self-aesthetics and taste. Therefore, some design masters say: Because of the variety of wallpapers, wallpapers are the preferred decorative materials that are relatively economical and convenient to use to express design style and enhance environmental grades.

Paints and latex paints are the basic building materials necessary for the final process of building wall treatment. Just as one person goes out today, it is not surprising to wear a set of clothes that are at least neat and tidy. Wallpapers are convenient and effective for creating environmental styles. The decorative materials, just like an ordinary girl, if they have the conditions to dress up, will be dazzling. Dressing up girls is fashion, and the wall is decorated with wallpaper. Wallpaper is the fashion of the wall!

Therefore, some psychologists have observed that paints and latex paints can be decorated with peace, but it is not easy to hide the indifference and toughness of the wall. The wallpaper can be warm, intimate and safe with its pliable texture. This seems to be the reason why star hotels use wallpapers.

 FOLDING ARMS AWNING FOR DEFEAT SUNSHINE is one of a number of products . It has concise structure and decent appearance. The strong and rational structure design with CE certificate.

1.Big adjustable using angle.
2.The fabric:domestic fabric has more than 100 different colors,UPF50+(prevent over 96% of harmful UV rays),Anti-UV coated, waterproof and durable in use.

3.High speed sewing machine and outdoor using thread are applied to fabric stitching ensure durability
4.High hardness Aluminum Profile with electrostatic powder spraying.

5.Aluminum front bar and 60mm or 70mm roller can choose.

Awning And Sun Protection

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