CAXA 3D CAD: Thread design is required

There are now a large number of threaded parts in various products, so the manufacture and marking of the threads is necessary in the design software. In the CAXA entity design, two kinds of threads are provided, so that everyone can choose according to their own needs when designing and using, which is convenient and flexible.

First type: modified thread

As shown, this thread has a pronounced thread appearance, but in fact it is a picture attached to the thread face.

At this time, I am afraid that you will be exclaimed again, pictures! That can't be used! Don't worry, this picture is more than just a picture! The part with the modified thread is added. When projecting into the drawing, there is a simplified drawing method that conforms to the national standard! Take a look at the picture below!

So how do you add such a modified thread? There are many ways, it's very simple:

(1) Modified threads in engineering markings

For example, to add a thread to the air inlet plug in the figure below, just open the "Modify Thread" button in the "Engineering Label" function panel, then select the cylindrical edge in the dialog box to create the modified thread, select "Standard", "Type", etc., then make sure to add a trim thread to this segment of the cylinder.

(2) Modified threads in standard parts

In the “Tools” graphic library designed by the CAXA entity, a standard parts library conforming to the national standard is included. as the picture shows.

Peristaltic Pump consists of three parts: actuators, pump heads and hoses. The main competitive advantages of the peristaltic pump are the fluid is isolated in the pump tube, the pump tube can be replaced quickly, the fluid can be retrograde, it can run and the maintenance cost is low.

Working principle

MINGYI peristaltic pump pumps fluid by alternately pressing and releasing the elastic conveying hose of the pump. Just like using two fingers to squeeze a hose, as the finger moves, a negative pressure is formed in the tube and the liquid flows.

MINGYI Peristaltic Pump Superiority

1, No pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump tube and does not touch the pump body.

2, High accuracy: repeatability and accuracy.

3, Low shear force: an ideal tool for transporting shear sensitive and aggressive fluids.

4, good sealing performance: good self suction ability, can be idle, can prevent backflow;

5, simple maintenance: no valves and seals;

6, It has a two-way flow capacity; without liquid airlift, it will not damage any part of the pump; it can produce a vacuum of up to 98%; no valves, mechanical seals, and packing seals have no leakage and maintenance factors; it can easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed phase fluids. The solid diameter of the allowed fluid is up to 40% of the inner diameter of the tubular element; it can deliver all kinds of materials, such as abrasive, corrosion, oxygen sensitive materials and various kinds of food, and so on. Only the hose is a replacement part, the replacement operation is very simple; the product is not in contact with any part except the hose.

MINGYI Application area

Chemical industry, mining, metallurgical industry, paper industry, paint and paint industry, food industry, ceramic industry, oil industry, water treatment industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment industry,

Pharmaceutical industry application: peristaltic pump in the pharmaceutical industry is mainly used for pharmaceutical coating and granulating and pharmaceutical packaging.

MINGYI Product classification

Speed controlled peristaltic pump

Flow controlled peristaltic pump

Filling Peristaltic Pump

More product information, please kindly contact MINGYI salesperson.

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